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As a Designer turned Product Manager, I can align the design with the vision of the product. I strongly believe, it is the Design which can make or break the product, therefore I make sure that the Design of the product is perfectly align with the Vision of the product.

One mantra that I always follow "People will substitute the Product that substitute the People's problem." Being a big follower of Human-centric Design, I bring in human perspective in every aspect of Product Management, so that I can understand people's problems and accordingly create features and functionality.

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My Journey

Born and bought up in Shillong, Meghalaya (aka Abode of Clouds), India. Shillong is just 50KM away from the wettest place on earth, Cheerapunji. Graduated with B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) Degree from NEHU University.

Started my career in the year 2011 as an Account Executive with MTS (Telecom Company) in Hyderabad, India. I was designated as Revenue Assurance Executive and my to-do list includes collaborating with the Marketing Team. This collaboration introduced me to Design. I started exploring about it and within few months of exploring, I feel in love with Design.

I started to lean more towards design when I read about how Apple has changed fortune by adopting design as their core aspect of every thing they build. One thing that have changed by views towards design is this quote by Steve Jobs "The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works"

After few months of self learning I got the opportunity to joined McKinsey & Co. as a Presentation Specialist. This mark the official beginning of my design carrer. Fast forward to May 2018, I joined Jio and soon I was leading the design team. On April 2021, after 9 years of design journey, from being a Graphic Designer to UI/UX Designer to Design Lead, I was given the opportunity to become the Product Manager. Today I am working as a Product Manager as well as Design Lead of JioWorks.

Work Experience

May 2018 to Present
Product Manager & Design Lead
Jun 2014 to May 2018
Shift Lead
Feb 2013 to Jun 2014

McKinsey & Company

Business Presentation Specialist
Sept 2011 to Feb 2013
Revenue Assurance Executive


Product Management

  • Indepth knowledge of Product Lifecycle
  • Validating Ideas/Features using Lean Methodology
  • Product Strategizing and Execution
  • Creating Roadmap
  • Conduction Product Research
  • Creating Personas and Journey Mapping
  • Feature Prioritization using Kano and/or Value/Effort Methodology


  • Indepth knowledge of Design Thinking Process
  • Conduction UX Research
  • Creating Information Architecture
  • Creating Personas and Journey Mapping
  • Creating Wireframes
  • Creating Prototype
  • Conducting Usability Testing
  • Create or manage Design System


  • HTML, CSS, Javascipt
  • Jamstacking
  • Framework: React and Next
  • Components Library: Material UI
  • GIT
  • Headless CMS: Contentful and Strapi


  • Adobe XD & Figma
  • MS PowerPoint & Excel
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects & Premiere Pro

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