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Growversity: An Online Learning Platform
Groversity website Preview
My Role

I volunteer for this project as a Product Manager and Design Lead. This project was my first project as Product Manager. As a Design Lead, I lead a team of 3 freelancer UI/UX Designer on this project. I also created the branding and the logo for this product.

The Product

Vision: An affordable online learning platform to offer well-structured courses and live classes with quality content.

Background: Ramakrishna Mission is an non-profit organization which offer affordable courses range from Basic Computer Literacy to Advance Computer Programming, Web & Photo Editor to Graphic Designing. All these courses were conducted in the classroom setup, i.e., offline but due to Covid19 they were challenged to go online. Accepting the challenge, the in-house teachers turn their hats and amazing in within 5 months created an online learning platform.

Looking at the functional product and the vision of providing affordable online courses to the needy, I got hooked up and offered to volunteer for Product Management and Design. As the organization is an NGO, I offered not to charge anything.

The first thing we finalise is the name of the product. After 2 rounds of Brainstorming session and with research we finalized the name as Growversity. (Grow + University = Growversity) (Grow + Diversity = Growversity). Later on we finalised the branding as well as created a Design System.

The Process

The process to follow for Design was clear to me but as the Product Management was new to me I started exploring for a framework to use. I specifically was looking for a framework which combines both the Design and the Product Management processes. After couple of weeks of exploring I couldn't find one and therefore I invented my own framework, which I call as Producting. This framework combines both Design and Product Management processes in a most Agile way.

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Key Learnings

  • Hands-on understanding of Product Management Process.
  • Bringing out feature and functionalities to support the User Journey and accordingly prioritizing them using Kano Model and Value vs Efforts Method.
  • Got to know that user's digital conventions differs between tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities and the reason being the amount of exposure they have with digital products.

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