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JioWorks: A Work Management Tool
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My Role

As a Product Manager I work closely with the multidisciplinary team and took the initial concept of JioWorks from an idea to an actual product. I am also the Design Lead for this project and lead a team of 4 UI/UX Designers.

The Product

Vision: Helping teams manage their work effectively and efficiently; so that the teams can be more productive and can collaborate with ease.

Background: It all started with an idea to create a single platform which can help increase the teams productivity as well as can help ease collaborations. Generally we observe that work items/projects are being tracked in spreadsheet which we believe isn't an effective tool and teams are wasting 30-40% of their daily productive time managing the spreadsheet rather than managing the work/project.

Furthermore due Covid-19 Pandemic, Collaboration tool become a must for every business as we shifted to work from home.

Therefore we envisioned to build a product which can be used for both tracking of projects/work items as well as for collaborating in a single platform.

The Process

In my initial stage of learning about Product Management and as I was from Design background, I was looking for a framework which combines both the Design and the Product Management processes into one framework.

After couple of weeks of exploring I couldn’t find one and therefore I invented my own framework, which I call as Producting. This framework combines both Design and Product Management processes in a most Agile way.

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Key Takeaways

  • This is my first product, as a Product Manager, which has gone live. The feeling of looking at the product goes live on which you have worked day in and day out, is euphoric.
  • In just 3 months we release the alpha version of the product. This was only possible because we adopted Agile as a mindset. Our research was lean, our documents/artifacts even the roadmaps were and is still agile and our development is also agile.
  • We have got 100+ users as early adopters post our alpha release and these users acted as our pathfinder. We aligned our roadmaps towards the needs and wants of these early adopters and within no time our early adopted count rose to 2000+.

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