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JET: Jio Enterprise Team
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My Role

I was designated as Product Manager and Design Lead for this project. This was our first project on Jamstack. We carried out extensive research to understand Jamstack as well as to understand what tools to be used to build an application using Jamstack. We managed the entire backend using an Open-Source Headless CMS called Strapi.

The Product

Vision: An internal portal for employees with all the work-related information in one central place; from project related information to colleague's birthday update.

Background: The Enterprise Team was looking for an intranet portal to store all their work-related information in one central place. This was brief given by the team but when we started our research, we got to know that they need more than what they are asking for.

After multiple interviews with the stakeholders we listed down the 5 most important elements the team is looking for in the portal;

  1. Teams should be able communicate and collaborate inside the portal
  2. All the process documentation and template to be readily available whenever needed
  3. Single source of truth for all Technologies
  4. One central place for all front-end components (should also be create our own with proper rendering system)
  5. Dashboards of all the projects team is working on

The Process

In my initial stage of learning about Product Management and as I was from Design background, I was looking for a framework which combines both the Design and the Product Management processes into one framework.

After couple of weeks of exploring I couldn’t find one and therefore I invented my own framework, which I call as Producting. This framework combines both Design and Product Management processes in a most Agile way.

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Key Learnings

  • Understood the entire concept of Jamstack, got so inspired that I started coding and have build my own website on Jamstack.
  • We were able to deliver the late beta version of the product in within 6 months, made possible only because of Jamstack
  • Literally we didn't had a single backend developer on this project but still we build the product which can easily scale.

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